I recently took a day trip to Joshua Tree which is a beautiful California State Park located a few hours outside of Los Angeles.  Joshua tree has a unique kind of beauty with large piles of rocks strewn across a desert landscape dotted with Yuccas and Joshua Trees.  This park is enjoyed by many for rock climbing, hiking, and scenic vistas.

Accompanied by a group of friends, we enjoyed a day hike that led us to an old mining facility.  Along the way we spotted some ground squirrels, an array of small birds, and some beautiful desert flowers.  Albeit a little hot, the hike was a lot of fun and a great chance to experience nature at its finest.


After a fun filled day of hiking, it was time to head home.  On the way back we made a quick stop for some coffee before the long ride home.  We found an independent coffee shop located next to the Joshua Tree welcome center.  While I was waiting I thought I’d browse the pastry counter, so I briefly stepped out of line to survey the sweets.  As I was browsing, another gentleman entered the store and hopped in line in front of me.  This was an honest mistake, and I didn’t really see it as personal attempt to cut in front of me in line.

The man looked to be in his late 30’s and was dressed like he had been hiking all day.  When it came time to order he asked for a few smoothies and then stepped to the side to wait for his drinks.  When I ordered two iced Americanos for my wife and myself, the woman working the register made a comment that I probably should have been before the other gentleman.  I mentioned that it wasn’t a big deal and the man quickly gave me a very embarrassed apology.


I detected a slight Southern accent in the man and instantly recognized the Southern manners.  He offered to buy my drinks and I told him it wasn’t necessary.  I had to turn down several more attempts at purchasing our drinks and we chatted a bit while the Barista made our beverages.  As I suspected he was hiking in the park that day too, and I inquired what brought him to Joshua Tree.

As it turns out, he was raised in the South, but currently lives in Seattle, and was attending a conference in Palm Springs.  Joshua Tree isn’t far from Palm Springs and he had decided to enjoy an off day from the conference at the park.  I asked about the conference and he told me it was centered on design and construction.  I mentioned that I worked for Allied Modular and we became fast friends chatting about the industry.  I asked if he was familiar with modular construction, and indeed he was.


We talked about the many benefits of modular construction.  I’m quite spoiled by the Southern California weather and sometimes forget that inclement weather can make things difficult in other parts of the country.  My new friend talked about the elimination of weather delays in modular construction, and we both reveled in the inherit “greenness” that comes through the modular construction process.

He continued to tell me that he was actually looking for a new home and there was a development in Seattle that was entirely modularly built.  He was planning on going to view them when he returned back to Seattle.  His business is mostly related around the design portion of construction, but he told me that many of his clients prefer modular.

After a few minutes the barista brought over our drinks, and we shook hands.  It was a great conversation, and a pleasant reminder of the many benefits that come with modular construction.