Guard houses are required by many businesses and offer an extra level security and safety.  Often times, guard houses are placed near the main entrances and exits of the facility, but security may be needed for an event or close to a specialized project.  Allied Modular has created a way to easily provide security wherever it is needed.

Our mobile security units are guard houses that are built on to a small trailer.  These trailers can be pulled by most cars and offer a completely self-contained unit.  One of the best benefits of the mobile security unit is that it is equipped with a small generator.  This generator is used to power a heating or cooling system, lights, and other electrical devices.


The Allied Modular mobile guard houses can easily be outfitted with a host of accessories including windows, tail lights, doors, spot lights, climate control, and braking systems.  Furthermore, the guard houses come with a great painted steel finish that can stand up to the elements.

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