Previously, we’ve talked about maximizing space by adding offices and rooms to unused areas of warehouses and factories.  There are also ways to maximize smaller spaces within offices, large rooms and showrooms through the use of partitions.  Partitions act as walls that are easily installed, divide space and provide privacy.


Full height partitions are a great accessory that works with the floor and ceiling of your room.  This leads to an incredibly fast install time and the potential to easily move the walls at a later date.  Best of all our full height partitions can be customized with a host of options that include custom colors and finishes, windows, light switches, outlets, phone/data jacks and many other options.


Our wall partitions offer a great deal of freedom and have been used to help many businesses.  Examples include the ability to segment individual work stations in the midst of a large office, as well as creating additional wall and display space within a showroom.  Our partitions have nearly endless uses and are a great solution to adding additional space.  Contact us today to learn more about our partitions and wall systems.