Although we don’t deal with residential construction, we love hearing about how modular construction is able to help people.  A Native American tribe near Portland, OR was looking to build some lower cost housing.  After looking at a variety of bids they decided to give modular construction a try.  They wanted an affordable solution that could be built quickly.

This project included several different apartment structures that were all built with the environment in mind.  Similar to the modular construction we do at Allied, much of the actual construction takes place off-site in a factory.  This process virtually eliminates construction and weather delays while still creating a high quality product.  The finished components were shipped to the job site where an assembly team quickly installed and finished the project.

This house project took about fourteen months from design to completion, which was at least four months faster than traditional “stick- built” methods of construction.  Modular construction also provided a fantastic cost savings.

Do you have a building project you are working on?  Contact our team today to learn more about how modular construction can save your company time and money.