As you may be well aware, modular construction is applicable for many different types of projects.  At Allied Modular we specialize in working with businesses, but there are many other companies who work in the residential space with modular construction.  Although they are two very different industries, many of the same benefits of modular construction apply across the board.

Modular construction is installed significantly faster than traditional methods of construction and  built in specialized factories.  The finished product is held to a high standard and isn’t subject to the same delays as onsite construction.  Best of all, modular construction uses sustainable materials and is environmentally friendly.

We found a great video from LXTV that took an in- depth look at modular homes.  They have greatly improved in style and class compared to many of the bland designs from many years ago.  Modular has now become so creative that it was showcased at the MOCA art museum in Los Angeles.  Furthermore, several architectural firms are creating some beautiful homes.  Check out the video below with more information:

[youtube DYXWxAtZwrI]