We knew modular construction was growing in popularity, but we were a little surprised to see it in the giant tech magazine Wired.  A recent piece profiled a company that was looking to build schools in absolute record time.  This initiative was dubbed “Project Frog” and was similar to the way we build most of our modular products.  The whole building process is streamlined, completing all the heavy lifting under factory- controlled conditions.  The components are then loaded on to a truck where they are transported to the job- site and assembled quite quickly.

The article cited that this method of streamlined construction was used to complete a large Boeing aircraft.  If a plane can be built in about a week, why couldn’t a modular structure also be completed in record time?  The methodology is that  assembling a set of interchangeable parts yields a very fast completion time.

In conclusion, speed is just one of the many benefits of modular construction.   Projects can be completed in about half the time it would take traditional construction methods.  Would you like to learn more about modular construction?  Contact us today to see how modular construction can help your business.