Working safe means working smart.  According to a recent study by McGraw Hill, construction companies that invested in safety programs not only saw a decrease in accidents but also an overall improvement in lowering costs  in other areas like faster project schedules, decreases in budget and increasing new business.  Although it is a somewhat unique correlation between keeping workers safe, this training and education can be tied to an increase in profits.

Currently, most safety training is done via onsite classes with live instructors, while only a very small percentage is done through online education programs.  Construction by nature is a dangerous profession, and programs like these help keep workers safe while also increasing their productivity.

In conclusion, investing in workers’ safety is highly important.  Keeping them safe not only yields a better work environment, but also a lower bottom line for the company.  You can read the full McGraw Hill study here, as well as find more information via this Yahoo Finance article.

photo via wikipedia