Construction projects are continually happening around the world, and occasionally mistakes happen.  We were quite surprised to hear about a 47- story skyscraper that forgot one critical part of the building.

The massive condo building we are speaking of is being constructed in Benidorm, Spain.  The initial plans had the building set at 20 stories, but developers were quite ambitious and decided to go for 47 stories instead.  The entire project had several problems and complications along the way, and the design was changed to become a taller building –but elevators were forgotten.

It wasn’t so much that the elevators weren’t included in the plans, but also that there isn’t space for them or the machinery and equipment to operate them.   Buildings that are this tall often require more space for elevators than smaller buildings.  There isn’t really an “easy fix”, and we’ll be curious to see if they can figure out a solution.

Just a pleasant reminder that at Allied Modular, attention to detail is one of our many strong suits.  We take the time to ensure our products are held to the highest standards of quality control, and we see our customers through the entire process from start to finish.  Contact us today to see how we can help with your next building or expansion project.

h/t and photo via Gizmodo