At Allied Modular we enjoy helping clients in a variety of different industries across the globe.  One of the latest industries we’ve been working closely with is the mining industry.  North Dakota and the surrounding area of the Bakken Formation has become a boom town with huge needs for many different kinds of construction projects.

The very nature of modular construction is perfect for our mining customers, as it is completed quickly and isn’t subject to the same inclement weather delays found with traditional means of building.   We construct all of our components at one of our three US facilities.  Our expert craftsmen skillfully fabricate the components and then check them against our rigorous quality control standards.  From here the components are carefully loaded for transport via a flatbed truck.

As with most industries, the longer the downtime continues leads to a direct loss of productivity and profits.  Traditional construction often can be incredibly disruptive to the work environment, and production may even need to be halted during this time.  Once our modular components arrive on your job site they are set up and assembled incredibly quickly. 

Our machine and pump enclosures have become quite popular with  many of our clients in the mining industry.  These enclosures offer insulation from the elements, as well as sound insulation.  Our modular construction process allows for these to be completed and installed quite quickly. 

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