New York is seeing an explosion of modular construction projects.  We recently covered a series of high rise apartments that were built modularly, and more construction is planned.  Part of this issue is due to the continued rise in the need for additional housing in New York, and modular construction provides a cost efficient solution that is completed quite quickly.

New York is currently working on several high rise apartments, and many New Yorkers are becoming exposed to modular construction.  Although modular construction has been around for quite awhile, it is recently that it is has grown in popularity.  Modular construction is great for a host of building applications, and New Yorkers are finding it to be a great solution that is not only fast, but also saving them money.

On several large New York projects estimates show a savings of 15% construction costs and four month time savings.  These kinds of savings are great and show exponential rewards.  Would you like to learn more about modular construction? Contact us for more information.

h/t Capital New York