n habit

Downtown Seattle will soon see a new 7 ½ story  apartment building built in the downtown area.  What makes this project unique is that it will be built using modular construction.

The modular apartment building is a product of ‘N’ Habit and will be called Belltown.  Boasting 49 units, Belltown will be Seattle’s first modular apartment building.  If this project were to be built using traditional building methods, it not only would take much more time to complete, it would also be a huge disturbance to the downtown area.  Streets would need to be closed for construction equipment and traffic delays would ensue.

A project of this scale would take traditional methods about 14 months to complete, but with the help of modular construction it will be completed in just two weekends.  During these two weekends a crane will be brought in to stack the units, and you can view a video below which will show how the project will be completed.

For more information and photos you can visit ‘N’ Habit’s official website.

h/t BizJournals