Our friends over at ModSpace have recently posted a blog on the changes in the construction industry.  Construction has been around for a very long time as a formalized industry, but it wasn’t until recently that many changes were brought about.

One of the unique ways construction is changing is through education,  so much so that the Ivy League schools are taking notice with Construction Administration courses offered at Columbia University.  Furthermore, there are also classes offered for Construction Engineering and Management.

The need for skilled construction laborers continues to rise and is one of the fastest growing occupations.  Furthermore, in a profession that has consisted of mostly men, there has been a steady increase of women working in the construction industry.

Being “green” and staying focused on environmentally- friendly building methods is also big in the construction industries.  Having construction with sustainable resources and a smaller carbon footprint is something that has  become increasingly important to many customers.

Most importantly, one of the biggest changes  coming to the construction industry is the use of modular construction.  Modular construction has been around for years but is continuing to grow in popularity.  Modular construction is built significantly faster than traditional building methods and is better for the environment.

Would you like to learn more about modular construction?  Contact us today and be sure to watch the video above of a recent project we did with Stone Brewing Company.

h/t ModSpace