Green projects are popping up all over the world, and many construction competitions are being held to incorporate the latest in green designs and energy saving methods.  These contests are currently focused on the residential sector, but we have no doubt that many of the efficient technologies developed in this space will eventually find a place in commercial construction.

It wasn’t a big surprise to us that most of the green projects entered into these contests are built using modular construction.  Modular construction is frequently celebrated for its many green benefits, and is great for competitions like these.

One of the most popular green aspects of modular construction is that it offers a unique alternative to traditional methods of construction without all the excess waste.  Modular construction streamlines the building process and recycles excess steel, paper and aluminum.  Since this process happens under controlled conditions, there are no delays due to weather, and the products are held to higher standards of quality control.

Modular construction has many other great benefits that work great for standalone buildings or to maximize space in an existing structure.  Contact us today to learn about how modular construction can help your company stay green and save money.

photo via wikipedia