We work with businesses of all sizes, and we often get questions about security.  We’ve sold a lot of guard houses that are currently being used by all branches of the United States Military.  Our guard houses are built to be incredibly durable and customized to the needs of your company.

Businesses often ask us how necessary a guard house is, especially if they are located in a “safe” area.  Guard houses serve a multitude of purposes. Keeping your facility safe is just one of them.  Guard houses also act as a visual deterrent to theft, vandalism and intrusion.  Guard houses also help your clients and employees feel safe.


We build our guard houses using the same modular construction process that we’ve honed on numerous other structures, walls and partitions.  Built in one of our three U.S. facilities, our modular construction process is not only better for the environment than traditional construction methods, but it is also installed incredibly quickly.

We also frequently get asked about how easy the guard houses are to move.  Some facilities have a temporary need for security at one location or are planning on renovating or expanding at a later date.   We’ve even equipped some of our guard houses to have a fork-liftable base which makes them incredibly easy to move.  We’ also developed a specialized line of guard houses that are built atop a trailer which makes them incredibly portable.


Guard houses serve a multitude of purposes and should be considered a necessity for your business.  Contact us today to learn more about our different models of guard houses and how they can keep your place of business safe.