Oil and energy companies are continuing to make the news with continued oil expansions throughout the country.  We’ve heard of scarcity in building materials, and construction companies are struggling to keep up with demand in areas ranging from Texas to Wyoming.

We recently heard of one modular construction that focuses on building homes for the workers of these oil and energy companies.  Often times these homes and encampments need to be built in remote areas, and need to be completed quickly.  Not only does modular construction offer these features,  it can also help save these companies money.

Our specialty lies within commercial work and the same modular building methods used for homes can also be applied to other structures.  Modular construction can be used for:

Our modular buildings are easily assembled and have a host of customizable features.  We build to your specifications, and all of our products are incredibly durable.  Contact us today to learn more about how we can help your operation.