We’ve always known that modular was the better way of things, but recent studies have shown even more great benefits of modular construction.  One of those great benefits is safety.

SmartMarket Report recently looked at “Safety Management in the Construction Industry” and found that modular construction is much safer than traditional methods of building.

“Firms using prefabrication … have significantly higher adoption levels of nearly all the safety practices measured in the survey.  Prefabrication offers many opportunities to improve project safety directly. Its use also encourages contractor involvement in projects before construction begins, a key factor for improving safety.”

The survey showed close to double the amount of adherence to safety procedures as compared to traditional methods of building.  The survey broke safety into fifteen different categories and consistently found that modular builders met these categories and have a positive influence on safety.

In conclusion, there are lots of reasons to use modular construction.  It is great for the environment, and it is much faster than traditional building methods of construction.  Best of all, modular construction values and adheres to safety.

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