We have customers that come to us with many different kinds of needs.  One of the perks of modular construction is that it can be used to provide solutions for businesses in many different industries.


Plymouth Technology, based out of Rochester Hills, Michigan, is focused on providing water treatment chemicals, feed equipment and other services for industrial manufacturers.  We worked with Plymouth to create office space in their facility.

Our modular offices are incredibly popular as they can easily transform some extra warehouse space into a fully functional office.  Traditional methods of construction can be incredibly intrusive and often cause production to halt or slow down.  Furthermore, during the construction phase employees may need to be moved or find a temporary office.  This leads to decreases in productivity which can affect the overall cost of the project.


Our modular offices are built incredibly quickly and are often completed in about  half the time it would take traditional building methods.  Additionally, our modular walls are equipped with raceways which can be prewired for electricity or can be used for phone or data lines.

Here is what Dennis N., a warehouse technician at Plymouth, had to say about the project we helped them with:

“I was impressed with how well it was designed for easy assembly, and everything fit like it should.  The panels were all marked and the plans showed where everything went.  I was surprised at how quickly we assembled it.”

Another satisfied customer!  We love that we can provide solutions for companies looking to save time and money, as well as maximizing space.  Would you like to learn about how our modular solutions can help save your company time and money?  Contact us today to learn more!