The trend of very tall buildings has been growing in popularity over the past few years.  Many construction companies are chasing after the title of the world’s tallest building, and they are taking some unique measures to get there.

Although buildings are getting bigger, there is something atop these gigantic structures to give them a boost in height.  Many architects and building designers are incorporating a large spire atop the building to give it some extra height.  These tall spires earn buildings the title of the tallest building, only until another builder challenges the title with an even taller spire.

The spires aren’t necessarily a bad thing, but they do give buildings what many architects are referring to as a “vanity height.”  Just because a building is  taller doesn’t necessarily mean that it has more functional and usable floors.

We’ve posted a few blogs about the world’s tallest building in China which will use modular construction, and it will also have a decorative spire at the top.  Even this building will only hold this title for a short time, as several other buildings are planned which will be taller and have decorative spires.