Smoking has become an incredibly controversial issue in the workplace.  There are pretty much two types of people at most offices– those who smoke, and those who don’t.  Although the amount of people that smoke has gone down dramatically over the years, there is still a portion of the population that smokes.

Businesses are often left with how to keep the peace between smokers and non-smokers, and smoking shelters are a great way to keep both parties happy.  Smoking shelters are outdoor structures that provide a private place for smokers to have a cigarette.

These shelters may have three or four walls and a roof and provide shelter from the weather.  Additionally, the shelters may be fitted with a bench and ash can.  This keeps cigarette butts and smokers contained to the shelter without disturbing non-smokers at the office.


Smoking shelters are built using prefabricated construction which takes place at a factory.  Using streamlined methods of construction, these shelters are built quickly and use environmentally friendly materials.  Once completed, the finished shelter is carefully packaged and shipped to the site in which it will be installed.

One of the great benefits of prefabricated construction is that it is easily installed.  Traditional means of construction would take days or weeks to complete a smoking shelter, whereas prefabricated methods could install the shelter in a matter of hours.

In conclusion, smoking shelters are a great addition to any business.