A recent study has come out of Scotland about construction waste.  As it turns out, traditional methods of construction generate a whole lot of onsite waste.  Not only is this bad for the environment, but all this waste must be disposed of at an extra cost.

This Scottish study found that there was over 95,000 tons of waste  generated from new home construction in 2012.  That is an astounding amount of waste!  The study that is reporting these findings will be presented to the Scottish government with the goal of providing a much greener future.

The study also highlighted that modular homes generate only a fraction of the waste that traditional methods of construction create.  Furthermore, the study aims to adapt more energy efficient homes that are better for the environment.

At Allied Modular, our focus is on working with commercial businesses instead of homes, but many of the same principles still apply.  We love that our modular products are able to provide companies with eco-friendly building solutions.  Our construction process fabricates all the components in our factories, and we recycle excess steel, paper, and aluminum.

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