You’ve probably seen them near rest stops or along busy stretches of the highway; weigh stations are a necessary part of our nation’s infrastructure and the trucking industry that supplies stores across the country.  Sometimes these scales are also used with mining and drilling operations as trucks leave their facilities.

Weigh stations serve a variety of purposes which include checking trucks, weighing the trucks and handling taxes.  In addition to the scale found at these weigh stations, they also have an associated structure.  This weigh station building will vary in size depending on how busy the scale is and how many employees will be working there.

These structures are outdoors, subject to the elements, and may be in remote locations.  Durable buildings are required to ensure that theses weigh station buildings will be lasting and functional.  Although it is not a new method of building, many cities and companies are finding modular construction to be a great building method for weigh stations.

Modular construction differs from traditional building methods in that the majority of the “construction” takes places in a factory.  Inside the factory, the walls, doors, windows and other components are fabricated by skilled craftsman.  This process leads to a finished product that is superior in construction and build time.

The finished pieces are shipped via flatbed truck to the build site where they are easily assembled.  Traditional building projects often require many different skilled laborers to accomplish things like framing, electrical, painting, drywall, and many other duties.  Modular construction only requires a small installation team that can assemble a weigh station building in about half the time required for traditional building methods.

In conclusion, modular construction is a cost effective solution that is great for weigh stations.  Contact us today to learn more about weigh station construction.