We are associated with the benefits of modular construction, but the word “modular” can also be applied to many other things.

Dictionary.com defines modular as:

“A self-contained unit or item that can be combined or interchanged with others like it to create different shapes or designs.”

Modular is about designing components, creating them, and then using them to create something bigger.  We apply this same model to the way we fabricate all of our modular products, ranging from guard houses, partition walls, in-plant offices, and many other items.

We construct all the components for your project at one of our three U.S. factories and ship them to your construction site where they are assembled quickly and efficiently.  Contact us today to learn more about modular construction.

Besides building structures of all sorts, modular is also being used on some amazing new technology developed by  MIT.  Although it might be awhile before this technology can be used to assemble buildings, it is still very amazing to see these modular robots at work.  Enjoy the video below: