We love hearing stories about how modular construction is being used to help people.  Recently a group of high school students worked with Habitat for Humanity of Palm Beach County, Florida.  What made this particular project unique is that modular construction was used to help complete this house.

Students at a local high school have a program in which they can construct components of a home in a workshop and then ship them to the Habitat for Humanity build site where the final assembly can occur.  We commend the efforts of these students and are glad to hear a family was able to get a home through Habitat for Humanity.

While our focus is within the commercial sector, our methods of modular construction are similar to the way this house was built.  We’ve put  over 25 years of experience into perfecting the creation of our modular wall systems.  Using streamlined production methods within our factories, we are able to hold our products to a very high quality control standard and complete them quite quickly.

Once our wall and building systems are completed, they are shipped to the build site.  Our skilled installation teams complete the process incredibly quickly, and several studies have shown modular construction is typically completed 40% – 60% faster than traditional construction.

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