When most people think of how the future will look, they envision things being cleaner and greener.  We all hope for a future in which resources are used more efficiently, and that includes the way resources are used in construction.

We are a fan of all things built modularly and recently read an article at Gizmodo about the future of toilets.  A design school out of the UK is looking for an answer to why the design of modern toilets hasn’t changed much in the last 130 years.  Central Saint Martin’s graduates are working on several designs that are better for the environment.

These toilets will actually be built using modular construction and offer some pretty unique advantages.  These toilets aim to process waste and hopefully use the processed “matter” for fertilizer and use the converted gray water to water plants.  The modular design of these toilets will provide an easy method of production while still giving the toilets a very modern and functional look.

While these toilets are still a ways from reaching the majority of households, we’ve actually been creating modular bathrooms for 25 years.  Using the same proven technology used for modular offices, modular buildings and partition walls, we can also build bathrooms.

We build all the components for a modular bathroom at one of our three U.S. factories and ship them to your construction site.  We can easily install the bathroom, and our modular methods of construction are often completed in half the time it would take conventional methods of construction.

Would you like to learn more about our modular bathrooms and other modular products?  Contact us today to speak with one of our design specialists.