When most people think of modular construction, they often picture a trailer.  Although some modular builders do use trailers, that is a very small part of modular construction as a whole.  Furthermore, modular construction isn’t something that is just popular in the United States; it is also quite popular in Canada and Europe.

At a building convention in Calgary, called BUILDEX, they are looking to help educate about modular and change some of the stereotypes associated with modular construction.

“There is an institutional mindset that favours site-built construction. I want people to expand the way they look at construction to understand that modular really is a practical, cost-effective solution”, said Cal Harvey, who will be giving a presentation about modular construction.  He continues, “That is transitioning to more of a holistic view of modular construction, whereby full commercial buildings are built in factory, in Lego-like components, and deployed to site.”

It is great to hear that others are also committed to providing education about modular construction.  Some folks simply are aware that they can be saving time and money with modular construction and that modular construction can be used for most of the same things as traditional construction.

What is your favorite aspect of modular construction?