Several generations ago housing and construction took a unique turn.  Although conventional methods of building had been incredibly common until this point, many houses and other structures were being fabricated at a factory and then shipped to a build site.  In fact, Richard Nixon was born in a house that was built from a pre-fabricated kit in Yorba Linda, California.

These kits were actually quite common during that era, and one of those homes was recently reconstructed for a design exhibit.  Check out the exciting video below:

Construction has changed quite a bit since then, but prefabricated methods are growing with increased popularity.  Allied doesn’t ship a box full of boards like the prefab buildings of yesteryear; rather, we fabricate walls, doors, windows and other components at our factory and then ship them to the build site.  Our installation team can complete your project incredibly quickly, and we offer solutions for everything from a two- story office building to modular partition walls.

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