It is great that our society has shifted from the old bulky and wasteful ways of building and has now shifted towards a greener emphasis in construction.  New methods of building are focused on using sustainable resources and materials that are better for the environment.

We recently read an article that is looking to grow bricks for construction from bacteria.  Much in the same way that coral creates a cement-like structure, bacteria can be used to grow bricks with a similar texture.  To create these bricks, sand is mixed with the bacteria, and it takes about five days to complete the process.

These bio bricks require far less energy to create and can help stem some of the carbon emissions that are created when creating other methods of building, like bricks or clay.  These bricks are still a ways to go from being the de facto method of building, but they do show some promising signs for the future.

Check out this great TED talk that explains more about how these bricks are made:

You can learn more by visiting bioMason.

h/t modspace