We’ve developed a host of different products to help our customers maximize space and better organize large warehouses.  We recently worked with a company who had a specific need for partition walls in their facility.

Instron is based out of Norwood, Massachusetts and they make testing machines for materials to identify material properties.  We worked with Instron to create a solution that would separate off a portion of their facility that was dedicated to their machine shop.

Using our six- foot wall systems, we were able to take full advantage of the many benefits that come with modular construction.  Since these partition walls were created offsite at our factory, installation happens incredibly quickly without the hassle and disruption typically found with conventional methods of construction.

photo 2

We were able to install this partition wall at Instron without disturbing their facility.  We were able to quickly install the partition walls without having to disrupt their work flow or cause any downtime.  As you can see in the picture below, the partition wall made for an excellent way to manage the space in the facility.

photo 3

We’ve been creating solutions that have been helping companies like Instron for over 25 years.  Would you like to learn more about how modular construction can save your company time and money?  Contact us today to speak with one of our design managers!