Our modular walls are used in all kinds of different projects.  We were excited to hear about one particularly interesting use of our walls.

Mining underground is challenging work.  Lots of heavy machinery in dark and sometimes cramped spaces can pose some unique challenges for the industry.  One company is changing the way training works for this industry by creating a simulator.  Check out the video of how it works:

Allied Modular was privileged to have our walls used in the IM360 Mining Simulator.  This simulator is highly customizable and can even be moved and set up at different locations.  Here is some more information about the simulator:

The IM360 has been specifically designed for machine equipment operator training in surface, underground hard rock and underground soft rock mining environments. It delivers cutting edge technologies which dramatically increase realism to a level not previously seen by the underground mining industry. It ensures our customers have the world’s best simulation solution to drive optimization and business improvements.

You can learn more about our modern modular projects here, and you can find more information about the IM360 Mining Simulator here.