AM4U is a revolutionary garment printing company that has developed a printing technology that is much better for the environment than the harmful methods that come with traditional dyeing of fabrics.  The printers created by AM4U print directly on to the fabric which has a significantly smaller carbon footprint than other ways of coloring garments.

Allied Modular partnered with AM4U by using our highly versatile modular wall system.  Our modular walls provided a controlled environment for these printers that is also manufactured using eco-friendly methods.  Our wall systems are easily set up without all the mess and downtime found with traditional methods of construction.  Modular construction are typically installed 40%-60% faster than conventional means of building.

Check out this great video of AM4U’s printers and our modular wall systems:

It is amazing to hear that the environmental impact of AM4U’s facility is equivalent to a desktop printer!  You can learn more about our modular wall systems by visiting our website and you can learn more about AM4U by visiting their site