When people hear the word modular, a lot of different things come to mind.  Some people think of things like modular trailers that are popular with schools; other people think of temporary walls, and some people even think of modular electronics.

The scope of what modular construction entails has been changing over the years, and many companies are starting to see that modular construction is a superior alternative to conventional methods of building.  Modular projects are popping up all over the world, and one of the recent modular projects that has been getting a lot of attention is The Stack modular apartments in New York.

One of modular’s greatest benefits is that the fabrication of all the components takes place away from the actual build site.  This means the final project is installed without all of the downtime, intrusion and mess that is typically found with conventional methods of building.

The Stack Apartments in New York were actually fabricated in a quarter mile long warehouse in Pennsylvania.  The process for building and assembling the individual apartments was streamlined so that they came pre-loaded with kitchen appliances, toilets and plumbing.

The Stack units were built in large modules that were then put in place using a large crane.  In total, it took 19 days to install the 56 modular units.  As to be expected, the modular process streamlined the entire installation, and it was completed significantly faster than conventional methods of building.

The designer of these creative apartments is Gluck+, and they were able to transform a 50- foot by 150- foot space into some amazing luxury apartments.  There are several different kinds of units that include studios, one bedroom, two bedrooms and three bedroom units that range in price from $1755 for the studio up to $3990 for the three bedroom.  Some of The Stack apartments are even available with a small yard or deck depending on which floor they are located on.

Projects like The Stack are great proof of how modular construction is changing the construction industry.  Modular construction not only looks incredibly stylish, but it also comes with many great benefits like a significantly reduced build time as well as an eco-friendly building process.  It is only a matter of time before these kinds of large scale modular projects will be happening in major cities around the globe.

Visit Curbed NY to see some amazing pictures of The Stack modular apartments as well as see some video.