When most people think about the future of construction they think “greener and faster” for everything from creating new homes to commercial buildings.  A new company, called Kite Bricks, is looking to change the way people build with life size building blocks that bear a remarkable resemblance to Lego.  These bricks are designed to accommodate insulation, pipes, and other wiring which could make them a universal building platform.  Check out this exciting video that shows robots building these structures:

This project has a lot of promise, but it looks like we are still a long ways away from a team of robots building houses out of blocks.  Here at Allied Modular, our building processes are actually quite similar except we don’t have robots (but maybe we will someday in the future).  We manufacture building components at one of our three U.S. based facilities where all of our products are held to the highest quality control standards.  We then ship the components around the world to a wide variety of customers where our modular solutions or quickly and easily installed.

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