In big cities like New York construction is much more difficult than other less densely populated parts of the country.  Space is at a premium, and major construction projects can be incredibly intrusive.  Furthermore, if these projects are time consuming they can create a lot of problems in a big city.

The “Stack” apartments have been getting a lot of attention in New York because they were built modularly.  They were constructed offsite in a factory and then were delivered to the build location where they were put in place with a large crane.  The install time was minimal and without all the mess and disturbance that would have come with a big construction project.

Modular construction isn’t just for the big city, and those same benefits can be seen with a modular project in offices, warehouses, and facilities across the country.  Call us today at 888-836-7850 to speak with one of our highly skilled design managers who can tell you more about the modular building process.

photo h/t Gluck+