Tall Modular Walls

Allied Modular manufactures a wide variety of products specifically designed to work with our customers who have large facilities. We have tailor- made a specific wall system just for these sorts of applications, and we refer to it as our tall walls.

Our tall walls have taken our popular modular wall system and crafted it to work perfectly for large facilities with high ceilings. Our tall modular walls are custom made in our green manufacturing facilities which are located in the United States.

Much like our standard size modular walls, tall walls are available in several different thicknesses (three inches to eight inches) and a wide variety of heights (up to 35 feet all). Our TallWall system has been used by a wide variety of clients that range from Voith to the federal government.

Is your facility in need of some tall walls to help manage space? Give us a call at 888-836-7850 to learn more!