The Experts Agree About Modular Construction


The experts agree; construction is changing. What was once the standard of “stick- built” construction has shifted to modular construction for a wide variety of reasons.
Modular construction is taking the industry by storm as it presents an alternative to construction that is not only more efficient to the build, but also a better solution for the environment. This is achieved through modular’s unique structural wall panels which are fabricated with materials that are resistant to termites, warping, and shrinking.
While we here at Allied Modular focus on partnering with businesses to provide modular solutions, modular construction is growing in all sectors of construction. Global Construction did a wonderful write up on construction, and you can read more about it here.

Do You Know How Solar Power Works?


We’ve been building green solutions since our company’s creation over 25 years ago. We saw a way to do things differently, and we’ve been providing sustainable solutions ever since.

Solar power has been around for a long time, but do you know how it works? Check out this informative video from DNews that shows how we can get electricity from the sun:

Modular Solutions In China


China is growing in leaps and bounds and so is their need for housing. Housing needs to be affordable and to be set up quickly. Chinese companies are continuing to break construction size and speed records, and they have been able to do this thanks to modular construction.

One company out of Changsha, China recently built a 57-floor skyscraper in just 19 working days. They used modular construction to accomplish this speed and averaged about 3 floors per day. You can definitely expect to see more projects like this in the future! Head over to MSN to learn more.

Have You Seen Our Stone Brewing Project?


Did you know that Allied Modular has a YouTube page? We’ve been privileged to bring cameras to some of our large products and film the whole process as well as hear what our customers had to say about our install services and modular wall systems. Check out this video below of our project at Stone Brewing Company, and be sure to visit our YouTube Channel!

CY Lasers


You may have heard about our amazing staff, but did you know they are hard at work providing solutions for our customers around the world? We spend the time to develop relationships with our customers, and we stick with them through the course of the entire project.

We were recently privileged to work with CY Lasers to create an amazing room for them with future plans of expansion. Do you want to see how the project turned out? Head over to our Allied Modular Case Studies page to learn more!

The Future Is Modular


The space and way people live today is changing quite dramatically from what it was a generation or two ago. With a shift in population sizes to big cities, construction and adequate housing are a constant issue.

At Allied we’ve never been a stranger to solving complex construction issues. We pride ourselves in finding unique solutions for difficult projects.

Modular construction is great for these sorts of applications and is actually being used to help meet the demands of housing in large urban areas. By building apartments in an offsite factory, they can be transported over and quickly assembled with a crane. This yields a cost savings and means to easily manage a large scale construction project.

Modular construction is clearly the future of the way things are built, and we are excited to see it grow in popularity. Check out this great article over at The Guardian for more information.