Peter Gluck: The Mind Behind NY’s Modular Stack Apartments

The Stack Apartments continue to make news headlines.  These NY apartments are especially unique because they not only look amazing, but were also built using modular construction.  Since modular construction was used to complete this structure, it was completed quite quickly. The famous architect and designer Peter Gluck was behind Continue reading

The Nest

The future of construction is found with modular design.  Modular construction offers numerous green benefits with a product that is faster to install and far more durable than traditional methods of construction.  Modular construction allows for faster innovation and an overall better product. A new project incorporating modular elements and Continue reading

Narrow Homes: Unique Challenges

Each construction project comes with its own unique challenges, and unfortunately some of these challenges can be quite limiting.  Sometimes, instead of looking at challenges as headaches, they can be looked at as a means to find a creative solution. The Owner Builder Network recently showcased an amazing gallery of Continue reading

Modular: The Modern Construction Solution

In big cities like New York construction is much more difficult than other less densely populated parts of the country.  Space is at a premium, and major construction projects can be incredibly intrusive.  Furthermore, if these projects are time consuming they can create a lot of problems in a big Continue reading

Does The Future Of Construction Consist Of Robots Building Houses Out Of Life Size Lego Blocks?

When most people think about the future of construction they think “greener and faster” for everything from creating new homes to commercial buildings.  A new company, called Kite Bricks, is looking to change the way people build with life size building blocks that bear a remarkable resemblance to Lego.  These Continue reading

Check Out This Great Video About Modular Construction!

Modular construction has been helping companies finish projects quickly and efficiently for well over 100 years.  As with most technologies, things have been improving over the years, and  the future looks exciting with lots of possibilities!  Check out this great video created by our friends at the Modular Building Institute: Continue reading

The Stack: Modular Apartments

When people hear the word modular, a lot of different things come to mind.  Some people think of things like modular trailers that are popular with schools; other people think of temporary walls, and some people even think of modular electronics. The scope of what modular construction entails has been Continue reading

Mar City Modular Apartments

Modular construction isn’t just growing in popularity here in the United States.  It is also becoming a big hit “across the pond” in Britain.  In an area north of London, 130 modular apartment units will be installed. The Mar City Homebuilders is creating these modular apartments and estimates that they Continue reading

Construction & The Affordable Care Act

Modspace posted an interesting blog post about healthcare reform and how it relates to the construction industry.  America is at an interesting junction when it comes to healthcare reform.  The baby boomer generation is at retirement age, which means there will be increased needs for medical facilities across the country. Continue reading

Modular Apartments In Brooklyn: Installation Video

Do you remember the plans for the large modular apartment building in New York we talked about a few weeks ago? Construction is now underway, and one of the first modules of the modular apartment was put into place. Proudly displayed on the side of this module was a sign Continue reading