Modular Construction In Australia

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Modular construction isn’t just big here in the states; it is being used around the world! We recently heard a great story from Architecture & Design about a modular project in Australia.

A company called Quickstart Homes is creating homes in record time. This is in large part because of the speediness that comes with using modular construction. Since the fabrication is done offsite, the production of these homes is streamlined and completed very fast. The result is that these homes are delivered, and with a few finishing touches are basically complete in just a few months, versus years!

While we don’t create modular homes here at Allied Modular, we do use similar production methods for all of our products. This means we can fabricate them quickly and get them shipped and installed at your facility with lightning speed!

Head over to our website to learn more about this process.


Modern Modular Solutions From Allied Modular

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The reputation around modular construction is changing, long known as an inferior solution or one that is simply portable. While modular fabrication has been around for several generations, it is truly entering into a new era.

At Allied Modular we’ve been creating modular solutions for over 25 years. We are an industry leader, and we have been continually creating jobs at our three United States production facilities.

We partner with local businesses to provide them a wide range of products that include guardhouses, modular buildings, modular offices, guard rails and a host of other solutions. Unlike traditional methods of construction, our products don’t come with the same downtime and mess you’ve seen on a typical job site.

Our fabrication facilities use streamlined production methods to quickly create the components of our products. These components vary per project, but typically consist of things like our modular walls, doors, windows, and other types of accessories.

Once the fabrication of the components are complete, we prep them for shipment. Our products are carefully packaged, and we offer additional measures to ensure that they all arrive damage-free. All that is left from here is a fast and easy assembly of the project.

Depending on the size and scale of your project, you may want to use our installation services. Unlike a traditional construction site, there isn’t the same kind of noise and disruption you expect to find. There isn’t a constant stream of workers coming and going from the jobsite, and there isn’t the lengthy delays that typically occur.

Since most of the work is done at our factories, the assembly is fast and easy. Our factory- trained installation team can finish your modular project in only a fraction of the time it would take to complete the conventional building methods. Oftentimes modular buildings are completed in about half the time it would take with other building methods.

In conclusion, modular construction is a great choice for projects large and small. Not only is it fast and easy, it also is highly customizable. Visit our website to see our full line of products, as well as the options we have available for customization which include size, color and wall system.

Do you have questions or want to learn more about the modular building process? Call us today at 888-836-7850


Admin Offices

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As you’ve seen by now, Allied Modular offers a very wide selection of products. We’ve spent the past 25 years working with our customers to provide innovative and modern modular solutions for their needs.

Modular offices are one of our most popular products, and we offer several different kinds of modular offices. Our offices range from executive level elegance to cost efficient durability. We’ve created these offices to work with different kinds of businesses in different kinds of environments.

Of these different kinds of modular offices, our admin offices are truly a balance of class and durability without breaking the bank. Like our other types of modular offices, you can customize these offices with the features and design that is specific to your operation.

Head over to our website to learn more about our modular offices or feel free to give us a call at 800-836-7850


Modular Construction In Australia

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Modular construction isn’t just popular here in the United States; it is actually growing in the international community too. Australia has also seen the many advantages that come with modular construction, and it is being used for a wide variety of projects that range from gas stations, to fast food restaurants and housing.

Check out the conversation going on about modular construction over at and how Australia can truly benefit by using modular construction.


Peter Gluck: The Mind Behind NY’s Modular Stack Apartments

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The Stack Apartments continue to make news headlines.  These NY apartments are especially unique because they not only look amazing, but were also built using modular construction.  Since modular construction was used to complete this structure, it was completed quite quickly.

The famous architect and designer Peter Gluck was behind the design of the Stack apartments.  Crain’s New York recently did a nice write up about Gluck and his years of experience in the industry.  Gluck is helping change the way people look at modular construction, and we commend him for his efforts.


The Nest

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The future of construction is found with modular design.  Modular construction offers numerous green benefits with a product that is faster to install and far more durable than traditional methods of construction.  Modular construction allows for faster innovation and an overall better product.

A new project incorporating modular elements and design is being implemented, and it is called NEST.  This project is changing the way many people look at the relationship people have between the places where we live, work and relax.  Check out the video:

It is exciting to see innovations like this becoming a reality, and modular design is leading the way.  Visit EMPA if you’d like to learn more about this project.


Narrow Homes: Unique Challenges

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Each construction project comes with its own unique challenges, and unfortunately some of these challenges can be quite limiting.  Sometimes, instead of looking at challenges as headaches, they can be looked at as a means to find a creative solution.

The Owner Builder Network recently showcased an amazing gallery of narrow homes.  These homes are amazing  examples of working with existing space and finding some truly innovative solutions.  Check out the gallery here.

At Allied Modular we have worked with companies of all sizes that were up against their own sets of challenges.  Due to the unique flexibility that comes with our modern modular wall systems we can work around pipes, beams, and other obstructions.  We’ve installed our modular offices in numerous factories that presented similar challenges, and our customers were incredibly happy to have such a flexible solution.

Would you like to learn more about our modular building systems?  Call us today at 888-836-7850 to speak with one of our very talented design managers.


Modular: The Modern Construction Solution

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In big cities like New York construction is much more difficult than other less densely populated parts of the country.  Space is at a premium, and major construction projects can be incredibly intrusive.  Furthermore, if these projects are time consuming they can create a lot of problems in a big city.

The “Stack” apartments have been getting a lot of attention in New York because they were built modularly.  They were constructed offsite in a factory and then were delivered to the build location where they were put in place with a large crane.  The install time was minimal and without all the mess and disturbance that would have come with a big construction project.

Modular construction isn’t just for the big city, and those same benefits can be seen with a modular project in offices, warehouses, and facilities across the country.  Call us today at 888-836-7850 to speak with one of our highly skilled design managers who can tell you more about the modular building process.

photo h/t Gluck+


Does The Future Of Construction Consist Of Robots Building Houses Out Of Life Size Lego Blocks?

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When most people think about the future of construction they think “greener and faster” for everything from creating new homes to commercial buildings.  A new company, called Kite Bricks, is looking to change the way people build with life size building blocks that bear a remarkable resemblance to Lego.  These bricks are designed to accommodate insulation, pipes, and other wiring which could make them a universal building platform.  Check out this exciting video that shows robots building these structures:

This project has a lot of promise, but it looks like we are still a long ways away from a team of robots building houses out of blocks.  Here at Allied Modular, our building processes are actually quite similar except we don’t have robots (but maybe we will someday in the future).  We manufacture building components at one of our three U.S. based facilities where all of our products are held to the highest quality control standards.  We then ship the components around the world to a wide variety of customers where our modular solutions or quickly and easily installed.

Call us today to learn more about the modular process at 888-836-7850 or visit our website to see all of our product offerings.-


Check Out This Great Video About Modular Construction!

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Modular construction has been helping companies finish projects quickly and efficiently for well over 100 years.  As with most technologies, things have been improving over the years, and  the future looks exciting with lots of possibilities!  Check out this great video created by our friends at the Modular Building Institute:

As you can see in the video above, the modular world is changing quickly, and the sky is the limit!  At Allied Modular we’ve been serving businesses across the globe for over 25 years.  Our modular products have been used in a wide variety of industries that include all  branches of the U.S. Military, Facebook, Boeing, Goodwill, and many others.

Would you like to learn more about how modular construction can be used for your next project?  Contact us today at 888-836-7850



The Stack: Modular Apartments

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When people hear the word modular, a lot of different things come to mind.  Some people think of things like modular trailers that are popular with schools; other people think of temporary walls, and some people even think of modular electronics.

The scope of what modular construction entails has been changing over the years, and many companies are starting to see that modular construction is a superior alternative to conventional methods of building.  Modular projects are popping up all over the world, and one of the recent modular projects that has been getting a lot of attention is The Stack modular apartments in New York.

One of modular’s greatest benefits is that the fabrication of all the components takes place away from the actual build site.  This means the final project is installed without all of the downtime, intrusion and mess that is typically found with conventional methods of building.

The Stack Apartments in New York were actually fabricated in a quarter mile long warehouse in Pennsylvania.  The process for building and assembling the individual apartments was streamlined so that they came pre-loaded with kitchen appliances, toilets and plumbing.

The Stack units were built in large modules that were then put in place using a large crane.  In total, it took 19 days to install the 56 modular units.  As to be expected, the modular process streamlined the entire installation, and it was completed significantly faster than conventional methods of building.

The designer of these creative apartments is Gluck+, and they were able to transform a 50- foot by 150- foot space into some amazing luxury apartments.  There are several different kinds of units that include studios, one bedroom, two bedrooms and three bedroom units that range in price from $1755 for the studio up to $3990 for the three bedroom.  Some of The Stack apartments are even available with a small yard or deck depending on which floor they are located on.

Projects like The Stack are great proof of how modular construction is changing the construction industry.  Modular construction not only looks incredibly stylish, but it also comes with many great benefits like a significantly reduced build time as well as an eco-friendly building process.  It is only a matter of time before these kinds of large scale modular projects will be happening in major cities around the globe.

Visit Curbed NY to see some amazing pictures of The Stack modular apartments as well as see some video.


Mar City Modular Apartments

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Modular construction isn’t just growing in popularity here in the United States.  It is also becoming a big hit “across the pond” in Britain.  In an area north of London, 130 modular apartment units will be installed.

The Mar City Homebuilders is creating these modular apartments and estimates that they are completed 3 times faster than traditional methods of building.  Much in the same way we build modular walls and structures for business here at Allied Modular, Mar City fabricates all the components of their modular apartments within factory- controlled conditions.

We love hearing about projects like this, and it is exciting to know that modular construction is becoming more popular.  Congrats, Mar City; we wish you well on this project!

h/t Construction Index


Construction & The Affordable Care Act

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Modspace posted an interesting blog post about healthcare reform and how it relates to the construction industry.  America is at an interesting junction when it comes to healthcare reform.  The baby boomer generation is at retirement age, which means there will be increased needs for medical facilities across the country.

Make no mistake; a lot of money is being paid to the health care industry from patients, as well as subsidies from the federal government.  Much of the healthcare industry’s infrastructure is already overdue for an overhaul, and modular construction can provide a solution to speed up the process.

One of the best benefits of modular construction is that it can get construction projects completed incredibly quickly.  Modular construction works by having all the fabrication and construction take place off-site at a factory.  Using a streamlined fabrication process, modular factories create buildings, walls, offices, break rooms, and many other products.  These products are then shipped to the build site where they are assembled in a fraction of the time it would take to build with traditional methods of construction.

In conclusion, the healthcare industry will be in for serious changes in the coming months and years.  Part of these changes includes expansion, and modular construction offers a great solution.  Would you like to learn more about modular construction?  Contact us today for more information.


Modular Apartments In Brooklyn: Installation Video

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Do you remember the plans for the large modular apartment building in New York we talked about a few weeks ago? Construction is now underway, and one of the first modules of the modular apartment was put into place. Proudly displayed on the side of this module was a sign that read, “Made in Brooklyn.” Check out the video below:

Modular Transport at Atlantic Yards from al barbarino on Vimeo.


Time Lapse Video: Vintage Modular Construction

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Several generations ago housing and construction took a unique turn.  Although conventional methods of building had been incredibly common until this point, many houses and other structures were being fabricated at a factory and then shipped to a build site.  In fact, Richard Nixon was born in a house that was built from a pre-fabricated kit in Yorba Linda, California.

These kits were actually quite common during that era, and one of those homes was recently reconstructed for a design exhibit.  Check out the exciting video below:

Construction has changed quite a bit since then, but prefabricated methods are growing with increased popularity.  Allied doesn’t ship a box full of boards like the prefab buildings of yesteryear; rather, we fabricate walls, doors, windows and other components at our factory and then ship them to the build site.  Our installation team can complete your project incredibly quickly, and we offer solutions for everything from a two- story office building to modular partition walls.

Contact us today to learn more.


A Unique Solution: Tall Walls

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At Allied Modular we pride ourselves in providing solutions of all sizes for the needs of our customers.  Our walls come in a variety of sizes, and we can create walls beyond the standard size range.  We’ve developed a specialized wall system called TallWall which can be as high 35 feet high.

Our TallWalls have been used in manufacturing facilities, airports, factories, offices and many other applications.  Like all of our products, our tall modular walls are crafted in one of our U.S. based factories and are available with many different options.  TallWalls are incredibly durable and available in a variety of colors and finishes, as well as thickness ranging from 3 to 8 inches.

Our panelized wall system is assembled onsite and doesn’t come with the same dust and mess found with conventional methods of construction.  Furthermore, our walls are assembled very quickly, and several studies have shown that modular construction is typically 40% – 60% faster than traditional construction.

Contact us today to learn more about the many customizable options that are available with our TallWall system.


Modular Construction Used In Habitat For Humanity Build

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We love hearing stories about how modular construction is being used to help people.  Recently a group of high school students worked with Habitat for Humanity of Palm Beach County, Florida.  What made this particular project unique is that modular construction was used to help complete this house.

Students at a local high school have a program in which they can construct components of a home in a workshop and then ship them to the Habitat for Humanity build site where the final assembly can occur.  We commend the efforts of these students and are glad to hear a family was able to get a home through Habitat for Humanity.

While our focus is within the commercial sector, our methods of modular construction are similar to the way this house was built.  We’ve put  over 25 years of experience into perfecting the creation of our modular wall systems.  Using streamlined production methods within our factories, we are able to hold our products to a very high quality control standard and complete them quite quickly.

Once our wall and building systems are completed, they are shipped to the build site.  Our skilled installation teams complete the process incredibly quickly, and several studies have shown modular construction is typically completed 40% – 60% faster than traditional construction.

Would you like to learn more about the modular construction process?  Contact us today to speak with one of our design specialists.


Modular Toilets

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When most people think of how the future will look, they envision things being cleaner and greener.  We all hope for a future in which resources are used more efficiently, and that includes the way resources are used in construction.

We are a fan of all things built modularly and recently read an article at Gizmodo about the future of toilets.  A design school out of the UK is looking for an answer to why the design of modern toilets hasn’t changed much in the last 130 years.  Central Saint Martin’s graduates are working on several designs that are better for the environment.

These toilets will actually be built using modular construction and offer some pretty unique advantages.  These toilets aim to process waste and hopefully use the processed “matter” for fertilizer and use the converted gray water to water plants.  The modular design of these toilets will provide an easy method of production while still giving the toilets a very modern and functional look.

While these toilets are still a ways from reaching the majority of households, we’ve actually been creating modular bathrooms for 25 years.  Using the same proven technology used for modular offices, modular buildings and partition walls, we can also build bathrooms.

We build all the components for a modular bathroom at one of our three U.S. factories and ship them to your construction site.  We can easily install the bathroom, and our modular methods of construction are often completed in half the time it would take conventional methods of construction.

Would you like to learn more about our modular bathrooms and other modular products?  Contact us today to speak with one of our design specialists.