Construction & The Affordable Care Act

Modspace posted an interesting blog post about healthcare reform and how it relates to the construction industry.  America is at an interesting junction when it comes to healthcare reform.  The baby boomer generation is at retirement age, which means there will be increased needs for medical facilities across the country. Continue reading

Modular Apartments In Brooklyn: Installation Video

Do you remember the plans for the large modular apartment building in New York we talked about a few weeks ago? Construction is now underway, and one of the first modules of the modular apartment was put into place. Proudly displayed on the side of this module was a sign Continue reading

Time Lapse Video: Vintage Modular Construction

Several generations ago housing and construction took a unique turn.  Although conventional methods of building had been incredibly common until this point, many houses and other structures were being fabricated at a factory and then shipped to a build site.  In fact, Richard Nixon was born in a house that Continue reading

A Unique Solution: Tall Walls

At Allied Modular we pride ourselves in providing solutions of all sizes for the needs of our customers.  Our walls come in a variety of sizes, and we can create walls beyond the standard size range.  We’ve developed a specialized wall system called TallWall which can be as high 35 Continue reading

Modular Construction Used In Habitat For Humanity Build

We love hearing stories about how modular construction is being used to help people.  Recently a group of high school students worked with Habitat for Humanity of Palm Beach County, Florida.  What made this particular project unique is that modular construction was used to help complete this house. Students at Continue reading

Modular Toilets

When most people think of how the future will look, they envision things being cleaner and greener.  We all hope for a future in which resources are used more efficiently, and that includes the way resources are used in construction. We are a fan of all things built modularly and Continue reading

Sharing The Benefits Of Modular Construction

When most people think of modular construction, they often picture a trailer.  Although some modular builders do use trailers, that is a very small part of modular construction as a whole.  Furthermore, modular construction isn’t something that is just popular in the United States; it is also quite popular in Continue reading

Luxury Modular Apartments In San Jose

Although the news periodically reports stories of modular construction, most of the time the projects are a little on the plain side of things.  This isn’t necessarily a bad thing, but one of the great benefits of modular construction is the incredible diversity and range that can be used to Continue reading

The Magic Of Modular

We are associated with the benefits of modular construction, but the word “modular” can also be applied to many other things. defines modular as: “A self-contained unit or item that can be combined or interchanged with others like it to create different shapes or designs.” Modular is about designing Continue reading

New York’s Rise In Modular Construction

New York is seeing an explosion of modular construction projects.  We recently covered a series of high rise apartments that were built modularly, and more construction is planned.  Part of this issue is due to the continued rise in the need for additional housing in New York, and modular construction Continue reading