Design & Build Case Study


Company: Detroit Diesel
Redford, MI – Jan 2015

Application: Modular Tall Wall

About the Project

Detroit Diesel located in Redford, MI required manufacturing separation walls to protect newly installed machinery. The customer was also looking for something that would also allow for complete visibility of the machinery process while keeping the area clean.

DetroitDiesel_insertThe Solution

Based on the client’s needs for separation warehouse walls and the challenge of the machinery already in place, Allied recommended the use of our Integra 400 Tall Wall panel system. Typically, the short time frame required for a complete installation of dividing tall walls while working around existing machinery would require additional cost and time. However, Allied’s modular wall system allowed the Tall Wall to be installed quickly, easily meeting the projected deadline. In addition to its speedy installation, Allied’s modular design also met the clients request for flexibility, as it allows for easy future reconfiguration and re-installation if needed.

The Results

Not only was this project completed on time, but the short installation time frame and minimal staff allowed the project to be completed under budget and with a happy satisfied customer.