modular tall wall

Design & Build Case Study


Company: Medin Corporation
Location: Passaic, NJ – June 2014
Application: Manufaturing Separation Tall Wall


modular tall wallAbout the Project

Medin Corporation, manufacturer of custom and standard instrument trays, cases and sterilization containers located in Passiac, NJ required a manufacturing separation wall 24 ft. to 30 ft. to protect newly installed machinery. They were wavering between our modular wall system and conventional drywall construction. After a few meetings and the project specs calling out for sound proofing, windows, industrial roll-up doors and integrated electrical, Medin chose to go with modular construction.

Critical Factors

Time was of the essence!
Medin was moving into a brand new building and needed to occupy and and running quickly. Our modular wall system offers just that benefit with prefabrication of all components and installation is about 50-80% faster than conventional construction too.

The Solution

Medin chose to go with Allied’s modular wall system due to the “speed of occupancy” and system options available. Based on the client’s needs for separation warehouse walls and the challenge of the machinery already in place, Allied recommended the use of our Integra 400 Tall Wall panel system. Tall Wall can span heights up to 35 feet, and 3 to 8 inches thick, TallWall can be torn down and moved without losing your initial investment. Construction is quick and seamless as we work around pipes, trusses and more, while adding windows, doors and electrical outlets where needed.

The Results 

Allied Modular was the best solution for an expedited occupancy  – and we were able to meet their move in schedule. The project went so well, we went on and did two more projects for Medin.