Company Name:

Polar Foods located in Norwalk, CA specializes in canned foods.

What was the project?

Polar Foods was looking to revamp the inside of their production facility. They needed to maximize space and replace some old partition walls that had been used to section off the warehouse prior.

Why modular construction?

Allied’s construction methods provide a modular solution that is easy to install without the mess and downtime found with other construction methods. Furthermore, Polar needed a way to quickly implement the solution at their facility.

How did it go?

We added a two- story modular building inside Polar’s production warehouse. This provided a climate controlled facility environment that allowed them to maximize their space. The top floor of their facility is used as a multi- purpose room, and the bottom floor is used as a production area. Polar also took the extra step in adding our Tufguard high quality steel guardrail around the building which provides an extra level of protection.

What did Polar have to say?

Polar was extremely happy with Allied from start to finish. Here is what they had to say:

“Your installation team, Matthew & Chris, have done a great job.  It was such a pleasure working with all of you.  We’ll definitely recommend Allied to others in the future!”