Customer Name:

Nikon, industry leader in cameras, optics, lens, and other products.


Nikon, needed some enclosed spaces that could be used for isolating various light-sensitive components from the rest of the workspace in their facility.

Were other options considered?

Several solutions were considered such as plastic carports lined with light-absorbing foam, as with drywall and ceiling, but the modular enclosure solution presented by Allied Modular became the solution of choice due to the advantages of minimal engineering, ready availability, and system flexibility.

How did the job go?

The project consisted of two modular enclosures that would utilize an existing wall, which maximized space and was cost-efficient. These enclosures would effectively isolate the necessary components in Nikon’s facility. There were many advantages to installing a modular system: the building was flexible and could easily be relocated or altered in the future. The system required minimal engineering, so costs could be cut, and more importantly, cost Nikon a minimal amount of downtime due to efficient and non-invasive construction.