Company Name:

Voith Hydro, an international hydroelectric equipment manufacturing company.


Voith had to have an in-plant assembly enclosure where they could wire hydroelectric turbines in a contained environment and then load them up on flatbeds to be shipped out. A special design was needed so that the turbines (which were 30 feet in diameter and 6 feet tall) could be easily removed from the enclosure in one piece and then shipped out.

Why modular?

Voith chose modular technology because of the speed of the manufacturing and install process. They were impressed by the capabilities of modular technology and Allied Modular’s ability to manufacture a project away from the build site quickly without construction hassle, and then have the project installed fast so that the client is ready for business.

How did the project go?

The enclosure was ultimately designed to feature an entire section of wall that was on tracks; this moving section of wall was attached to a movable section of ceiling so that an entire cross-section of the building could be moved to the side. In this way, an entire turbine could be carried out of the enclosure in one piece by crane and put on a flatbed for transport.

Was Voith Hydro happy with the result?

They certainly were. In fact, they were blown away by the outcome; its functionality fit exactly what they were looking for. And they were able to install the enclosure quickly and efficiently with their own qualified installers quickly and efficiently with no construction mess.