Have you heard about our new FastTrak program? We know that construction typically has a bad reputation for taking too long. Our latest program is designed to create and deliver modular products in an incredibly short timeframe.

We’ve called this new program “FastTrak” for a variety of reasons. First and foremost, when your project qualifies for FastTrak you’ll be placed on our fast track because our goal is make these projects a high priority to be completed quickly. Also, we’ve tied in the aluminum track into our name which we use to place our high quality modular walls at your facility.

When we created this program we also designed a new type of software. This software was developed by our in- house engineering team to be web based and much lighter than traditional drawing programs. Our competitors typically take days or weeks to get the drawing or quote done; we can get it done while we are on the phone with you. Furthermore, we use screen sharing software to do the drawing and quote as an interactive experience with you.

This program is designed for several of our most popular products. Many of our clients have taken advantage of this program for partition walls ranging from 6’ to 8’. These types of walls are ideal for segmenting a larger space into different departments or work zones.

FastTrak is also creating a wide variety of multi-functional modular rooms. These rooms have been used as conference rooms, offices, shipping and receiving facilities, and many other applications. Our modular rooms are a great addition to any facility and come without the mess and delays of traditional construction.

Would you like to see if your project qualifies for FastTrak? You can visit the FastTrak section of our website, or you can give us a call at 888-836-7850.