Lego is perhaps one of the best known play building tools used by children and adults all over the world. With a wide variety of styles, colors and unique series, Lego is continually upping the ante for their innovative line.

Lego’s latest advancement is a specialized series that is actually made for adults! Dubbed, The Architecture Studio, this kit was designed with several large architecture firms. The set comes with 1210- pieces and a 250- page guide book. The Architecture Studio has some inspirational building ideas in the book that look a lot like modern office structures. Additionally, this set is designed for complete freedom and flexibility allowing your imagination to dream up your design.

The modular construction we do here at Allied Modular is conceptually quite similar to building with Legos. We don’t use large blocks, but we do create the components of buildings, like walls and doors, at our factories. We actually have three factories that manufacture our products here in the United States; they are located in Orange, CA, Goodlettsville, TN, and Austin, TX.

Our factories not only allow us to create jobs, but also build our “core building blocks” here in the U.S. Our prefabrication process within a factory- controlled setting yields a high quality that is produced quickly using streamlined production methods.

When all the components are complete they are shipped to the site where they are assembled. Like the Lego bricks, this assembly process happens very quickly because it is simply a matter of assembling the pieces.

This is different from traditional methods of construction which take much longer to complete than modular construction. The reason being is that all the “blocks” must be created on site. This requires a tremendous amount of resources which includes people, raw materials, and a large mess.

Modular construction also comes with the added benefit of customization. Much in the same way Lego blocks can be customized using different colors and styles, so can our building components. Our modular wall systems have many different options that range from wall textures, colors, and thicknesses to additional levels of customization that include various styles of windows, doors and more.

With modular construction your building projects can be completed quickly and come with the added benefit of having the ability to be moved or reconfigured based on the needs of your business.

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