Amongst manufacturing businesses and other warehouses, there is a continual quest to maximize space. Square footage is almost always at a premium, and making the best use of space is very important. We’ve partnered with many of these kinds of businesses and created a solution that provides flexibility, tax benefits, and a great way to take advantage of vertical space.

We’ve created a solution by starting with a modular building. We offer this building in many different, or even custom sizes based on the needs of your company. This building can be used for a variety of things, but we’ve found that most of our clients use it as an office. Having a quiet place to work is very beneficial on the manufacturing floor, and the modular office can be customized with windows that overlook the warehouse.

Customization is one of the amazing benefits that comes with modular construction. There are options for changing the color of the walls as well as adding many different accessories. Modular construction makes for an easy addition of electrical wiring (which can be pre-wired) or phone and data lines.

With our modular building structures we can also take advantage of the space above the building. We often refer to this space as a “roof deck” and allows businesses to literally create some extra space. Using a simple metal staircase that runs alongside of the modular building, you can easily access the top of the modular structure.

The roof deck has a multitude of uses which can range from an observation deck, to storage space, or even a place to house machinery. This sky is literally the limit with how you use this space!

Allied Modular has been an industry leader in modular buildings and modular construction for over 25 years. Our unique solutions are currently being used around the world by companies of all sizes, as well as the U.S. Military and many other organizations. All of our products are proudly built in the United States at our strategically placed manufacturing facilities in Goodlettsville, TN, Austin, TX, and Orange, CA. This allows us to ship quickly and get our products to our customers very efficiently.

In conclusion, be sure to visit our website to see more pictures of our roof decks as well as learn more about the many products, accessories and configurations that we offer. Feel free to call us and speak with one of our design specialists at 888-836-7850.