We’ve worked with tens of thousands of clients over the last 25 years, and many of them have come to us looking for a better way to maximize their space. It might be a large warehouse or an open floor of an office building, but making the most of space is an important issue.

The basis of all of our products is our modern modular wall system. Our wall system is green, highly, customizable, and very cost effective. Our walls can be a standalone product and serve as partitions or can be assembled into anything ranging from offices to multi-story buildings.

As you may have heard, the modular building process is different than other kinds of construction. We make all of our products in our three environmentally friendly, US- based production facilities. From these facilities we are able to create modular solutions for our customers around the world.

Although each project is a little different, we typically make all the walls and other parts of the modular project at our facilities and then ship them out to the build site. Next, the modular components are either assembled by our customers or from our highly trained factory installation team.

All of our products have options for different kinds of walls, colors and styles. This allows you to find the solution that is unique to your facility and meets all of your needs. Best of all, most businesses don’t know that modular construction offers some very unique tax benefits.

Would you like to learn more about our modular solutions and how they can help you maximize space at your facility? Our website has a full product listing as well as photos of our products and work we’ve done with our satisfied customers. You can also call us to speak with one of our skilled design managers at 888-836-7850.