Here at Allied Modular we’ve built an impressive catalog of modular products over the last 25 years. Although our products are highly customizable and incredibly diverse, there is one product that stands out amongst the others in terms of flexibility and customization.

Our modular buildings are by far one of our most versatile products. They perform wonderfully as free- standing objects but can also be built within a large warehouse or other production- type environment. The big question that most people want to know is, “How are modular buildings used?”

The answer is that the sky is the limit! We worked with a very large aerospace company that had a modular building put into their production facility. They used this two- story modular building for a wide variety of daily activities.

The top floor of the modular building served as valuable office space. These offices each had their own windows which allowed for a great view of the products being worked on down below. One of the unique perks of modular walls is that they offer superior sound insulation. This yielded a place that was comfortable to work in without getting bombarded with the noise from the production floor outside.

The bottom floor of the modular structure served multiple functions and often changed roles throughout the day. Conference rooms were added for meetings, and these rooms were also used for training and educating the staff. Furthermore, a break room was added which provided a comfortable place for employees to make a meal or simply relax for a few minutes.

After a year or so of the building being used by our customer, we asked them what they enjoyed most about the modular buildings. Although we heard many of the common compliments that most of our customers talk about, like quality construction, durability and functionality, there was one detail that really stood out. The company really liked how easy the walls were to maintain.

Production facilities can be messy and often have people coming and going with dirty hands. Our walls didn’t require any extra work and were very easily cleaned. Additionally, our modular walls don’t require any patching or painting.

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