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Most people would call an idea that is over 100 years old anything but modern, but taking a proven method of doing things and improving upon them can make all the difference. As many things that are constantly advancing forward, there is one industry that is leading the way, and that is modular construction.

Modular construction has been around for over 100 years, and it is being used by businesses of all sizes in increasing numbers. In addition to a broader acceptance to this superior method of building, it is also being seen as a modern solution to maximizing space, creating wall systems, and adding rooms and offices to larger facilities.

What does modern modular construction look like? The sky is the limit, and the way modular construction works provides many unique opportunities for customization. The wall systems that modular construction is composed of allows for a custom product based on the needs of the customer.

Modular walls are available in a wide variety of colors and can be sized to your specific facility. Additionally, modular can easily accommodate pipes, beams and other possible obstructions within a larger facility. Furthermore, adding phone, data or electrical lines is stress- free as the raceway panels between the panels can hold these wires.

This modular solution for construction is also great for the environment. The modular process fabricates all the building components within a factory. Pre-fabricating the materials within a factory makes for a streamlined process that is more efficient than conventional methods of construction. Fabrication within the factory environment means that there are no delays because of bad weather, and any excess materials can be recycled or reused.

With the fabrication taking place off- site, the only work that needs to be done on- site is installation of the modular wall systems. The installation process happens very quickly and doesn’t have the same requirements that are found with traditional construction. No need for a wide variety of skilled tradesman for patching, painting, framing or electrical as all of that is handled before the walls have left the factory. The onsite installation process just requires a few workers to set up the walls and accessories, and the whole process can be completed in half the time a conventional project would.

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