Have you heard of modular buildings? Most people are familiar with the “term” modular and often associate it with things like Legos or electronics. Modular buildings are actually quite popular and have quickly become a strong alternative to conventional methods of building.

We’ve been fabricating modular buildings in our three U.S. manufacturing facilities for over 25 years. Modular buildings are durable, customizable, and incredibly versatile. Our modular buildings have been used in a wide variety of places that range from military bases to factories to offices.

Modular buildings provide our customers with organization and maximization of space. Although there are many different configurations that can be used for modular buildings, the two most common are single- story and two- story. Even these structures can vary in size and are largely based on what our customers need for their facility.

One of the biggest advantages offered by modular construction is that it provides our customers with a means to take advantage of vertical space and better organize existing space. Installing a modular building within a factory creates useable space that is multifunctional. Our modular buildings are used as offices, workspaces, board rooms, conference rooms, break rooms, and a host of other options.

On top of all the functionality that comes with these modular buildings there is also a high degree of customization. We have lots of different options so that you can choose the modular building that is perfect for your business. Our offerings include different wall thicknesses and the ability to easily add phone and data lines, or our walls can be pre-wired for electrical.

Our customers also enjoy the fact that they have lots of options for colors. We offer many standard colors, and we can even custom color match. We also have the ability to offer different colors for the outside of the structure as well as different colors for the individual rooms.

Lastly, since we fabricate the modular buildings at our factories, the install process is much faster than conventional methods of building. We ship the modular building components directly to your facility where our factory installation team quickly assembles the components of your modular building.

Would you like to learn more about how our modular buildings can help your facility? Please visit our website at www.alliedmodular.com. Our website features many pictures of our modular buildings as well as the many different options we have for customization. You can also call us 800-836-7850 to speak with our knowledgeable staff about your project.