One of the foundations of Allied Modular’s modern building systems is our modular walls. Using eco-friendly material and fabricating them here in the United States, our walls offer unprecedented levels of flexibility and creativity.

Our modular partition walls can be used in a host of different products, and one of our customers’ favorite products is our modular buildings.  Many have wondered why modular buildings are so popular, and it is actually because it solves a lot of our customers’ problems. Most construction projects start out as exciting but often become incredibly taxing.

Construction by nature is a messy process. At the very least, large amounts of construction dust are created which seem to rain down on everything else in close proximity to the project. Additionally, there are contractors coming and going with raw materials. This process is time consuming, noisy, and distracting.

All of those problems and more can be avoided through modular construction. Our modular buildings use sophisticated fabrication methods to do all the “construction” within one of our three US factories. This means no weather delays and no wasting of excess materials.

Our process is not only better for the environment but also saves you time and money. As we mentioned above, the construction process can typically be quite messy and intrusive. This may halt or slow production and be a huge inconvenience to employees and customers.

Since we fabricate the components, that means what happens on the job site is far less intrusive. It is simply a matter of assembling the components.

Customers have also told us that they love the flexibility of being able to add a modular building to their facility for extra space and / or better use of the space they currently have. Our modular buildings provide privacy and organization of space that typically isn’t found within a large warehouse or similar types of facilities.

With options for multiple stories, different sizes of rooms, custom colors and more, there is a whole lot to like about modular construction. We’ve worked with thousands of companies around the world and we look forward to the opportunity to work with your company.

Please visit our website to see our full line of modular solutions including our extremely popular modular buildings and modular offices. You can also call us to speak with one of our talented design managers at 888-836-7850.