One of the great benefits of our products is that our modern building systems are highly functional and can be used in just about every portion of your building inside and out. Our turnkey solutions provide answers that traditional methods of construction can’t solve.

We’ve created guardhouses and security booths to help customers keep their workspace safe. Our guardhouses vary in size and provide a place to house security personnel. Like all of our modular products, our security booths and guardhouses have lots of room for accessories and options that are customized based upon your needs.

Another product we’ve developed to keep your facility safe is a guard rail. This is the same high quality steel guard rail you’ve seen next to roads and highways that are placed around the perimeter of your building, or even on the interior of your facility around machinery and heavy equipment. Guard rails will protect your facility and equipment for a fork lift and other vehicles.

Inside of buildings are modular wall systems that are second to none. Providing flexibility to move or reconfigure, our walls are perfect for your needs now and in the future. Our modular walls can be used for a wide variety of functions that range from modular offices to conference rooms to even break rooms.

What separates modular construction from other methods of construction is that our installation process takes only a fraction of the time conventional building methods would take. At Allied we’ve strategically created three modular production facilities that make all of our products right here in the USA. Our facilities allow us to easily reach the entire country quickly, and we easily ship to international clients as well.

Since we build our products under factory controlled conditions, we can conserve resources and keep our carbon footprint small. We recycle excess materials, and we have streamlined our manufacturing techniques. We are committed to creating a “green” product that is far more versatile and cost efficient than traditional “stick- built” construction.

Would you like to learn more about modular construction? We have solutions for all types of businesses, and our customized options will create a product that is unique for your situation. Please visit our website to see a more in depth look at our products as well as our accessories and custom color options. Also, give us a call today at 888-836-7850 to speak with one of our talented design managers.